What is Canine-Assisted Therapy?

Elizabeth Hollingsworth and Lily, a Border Collie Retriever Mix, team up in Canine Assisted Therapy to assist children and adults learn to build a loving and trusting bond in a safe environment. This step becomes the basis for further development and growth of interpersonal skills and relationships.

Lily has assisted children and adults build a loving and trusting bond with another being that has translated the struggles with their personal relationships. Therapy can be uncomfortable for many people especially during the first visit.

Some feel comforted as they pet Lily while discussing difficult topics or as she wiggles to greet them at the door. Lily has helped children feel a sense of mastery while taking her for walks and having the children help Lily when she is frightened to feel safe.

Lily helps children and adults share their stories that may be too difficult for them to tell a person. Lily also assists in trauma recovery by teaching appropriate boundaries, good touch verse bad touch, forgiveness, and opportunities to get in touch with emotions as Lily tends to react differently depending how a person is feeling, e.g., nervous or sad.
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If a person has not been in session for a few weeks the first thing mentioned upon return is “Lily, I’ve missed you” followed by lots of love.