Who Was Keba?

Keba found Elizabeth R. Hollingsworth, MA, LMHC on April 13th, 2007 outside Lakeside Behavioral HealthCare as Mrs. Hollingsworth was walking out a client. Keba seemed very excited, but also very scared. Keba had never been exposed to any of the comforts of a safe and loving home. She was submissive and scared of inanimate objects such as a couch. Keba did a lot of personal work to assist in her own trauma recovery and enjoyed helping others. Elizabeth implemented techniques that she uses with people who struggle with anxiety and trauma to assist her in increasing her sense of safety, mastery, anxiety reduction, and confidence.

Elizabeth found Keba who was terrified of everything. Over time she gained a confidence and keen intuition for sensing the feelings of everybody around her. This ability, genuine connection, unconditional love and acceptance, and safety allowed people the opportunity to heal in ways that are difficult to articulate. Keba was a pioneer in the field of Canine Assisted Therapy, and her legacy will live on forever. We miss you and thank you for all that you gave and taught us. We all have a beautiful guardian angel. Keba has taught us how to truly lean into grief and vulnerability, and the journey of healing.

Found April 13, 2007-died April 19th, 2016