Do you, as a teenager, feel misunderstood?
Are you, as a parent, at a loss for how to help your teenager?

Whether you are looking for help for your child or for yourself the pressures with friends, social media, or family expectations make day to day tasks seem impossible at times. Teenagers in this generation are dealing with added struggles besides the normal developmental milestones as a result of social media. As parents often say we never dealt with having our stuff publicized for positive or negative scrutiny.

For tweens I've learned over the years that this is when most people begin comparing their family experiences to their peers and questioning what is normal than as one grows through their adolescent years separating more from their parents (developmentally normal). This challenge occurs while trying to navigate who they are based on their authentic selves, societal and cultural norms, comparing their accomplishments to that of their parents, and a strong desire to make their parents proud. A culmination of these spoken or unspoken rules can lead to a myriad of challenges.

If you and/or your child are having a tough time navigating through these obstacles and want to improve your relationships, overall understanding of the numerous pressures and common behaviors many teens exhibit as a way to make sense of what's going on please contact Elizabeth 407.312.8295.

We will discuss the difficult topics of "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" in a safe environment. It's an opportunity for you and/or your child to learn the facts and discuss the "awkward" conversations that teenagers so desperately need but feel embarrassed to talk about. Elizabeth will respect parents beliefs in approaching these topics. Please share any concerns with her. I look forward to working with you.